Meet Christo

Christo Koegelenberg is one of South Africa’s most talented decor aficionados.

Christo has been working in interior décor for over 26 years, with experience between both the UK and South Africa. Christo takes care of every detail, from customised curtains, wallpaper and upholstery to bespoke kitchen and bathroom installations.

Christo Interiors are based in 20A Blackheath Road, Three Anchor Bay in Cape Town. A complete one-stop Interior Decorating Shop.

The range of services and products offered by Christo Interiors include:
  • Customized curtains and blinds
  • Manufacturing and Installation Services
  • Plantation Style Shutters
  • Light Fittings
  • Bespoke Kitchen and Bathroom Installations
  • A Diverse Variety of Beautiful Wallpapers
  • Fabrics
  • Customized Upholstery
  • Patio Furniture

Romneypark Q & A’s with Christo

What Inspired the colour palette of the featured apartment’s kitchen?

Pop of colour – the suites were updated to bring colour into the lounge and this spilt over to kitchen – the teal green kitchen – colour dictated to by marble burgundy colour flecks and big crystal handles.

Where did you source the luxurious furniture pieces in the living room?

Custom made according to client’s needs bespoke design and made, locally made. A few images are presented to the client to get a feel of preference and use of space and then I custom design their furniture….it is all locally manufactured.

Which local and international designers are you currently obsessing over?

Phillip Stark international designer.

Inspiration comes from international trends in order to stay abreast of local designers. Each client is unique and has custom tastes.

What is your signature style?

Modern colonial.

How would you describe the overall style of the new Romney Park luxury apartments?

Colour chic with a modern colonial feel spacious city convenience meets hotel living.